What to Feed Rabbits

What to Feed Rabbits

Today we are going to be discussing about the different classes of rabbit feeds we have and what to feed your rabbits. they include:

(1) Concentrates feeds Include pellets:

They are low fibre and high in digestible nutrients. They are available on market and can be fed with hay.

(2) Dry roughage feeds.

These include hay and straws. These feeds are high in fibre but low in digestible nutrients. Large quantities are needed to sustain the animal life.

For young rabbits choose hay that is fine stemmed, leafy, green and free from mould.

(3) Succulent feeds.

Feeds that are fed in green stages such as green grass and vegetables and root crops.

Fresh green feeds and root crops should and be used as supplements to concentrate part of the diet because they are primarily composed of water.

And should be introduced to diet slowly because they can contribute to diarrhea.

Some examples of feed stuffs fed to rabbits :

Carrots, cassava leaves, sweet potato vines (leaves), sweet potato sweet and sweet potato sweet peels, bean leaves, cabbages ,maize leaves.

Grasses include but not limited to guinea grass, Napier grass etc.

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