Weaning and Advantages of Early Weaning in Pigs

This is the practice ofseparating the piglets from their mother. This activity usually exerts stresson the weaned pigs.

Weaning is usually done 3- 6 weeks of age depending on the farmer’s level of management as well as his or her objectives. Other changes should be slowly affected at weaning. Don’t not abruptly change the ration but for a few days, continue feeding creep feed mixed with weaner ration and finally eliminate the creep feed completely at about two weeks after week weaning. Deworming should be done two weeks after weaning.

Advantages of Early Weaning

Losses in piglets due tooverlay and starving are significantly reduced. Overlaying accounts for 50% ofthe pre-weaning mortalities in piglets.

Pigs can be adequately fed andlack of uniformity in a litter can be overcome.

Costs in sow feed can be slashed.

Weaning and Advantages of Early Weaning in Pigs

The sow loses less weightduring nursing compared to those that wean after 8 weeks.

The dam can be rebred soonerto produce more period. Other words, it reduces the farrowing intervals.

Better producing sows can beretained for longer period.

Early weaning allows forstreamlining of the production and market supply; both weaners and market pigscan be sold.

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