Vent Pecking in Poultry and How to Control them

It is not normal and this happens due to the following factors;

1) Stress

2) Inadequate spacing.

3) Mineral deficiency mostly protein deficiency

4) Too much or too little light (inadequate ventilation)

5) Idleness

Therefore, birds react by pecking on each other so when blood comes out, all birds attack one bird and can be pecked to death.

The solution to this problem includes the following processes:

Vent Pecking in Poultry and How to Control them
Vent Pecking in Poultry and How to Control them

1) Improving on spacing

2) Isolate those that have been pecked and Spray the wounds with Alamycin spray.

3) You can improve on the Ventilation by opening brooder curtains during day. Portion feeds the right way so that chicks always have feeds to avoid idleness.

4) Control the amount of light that enters the brooder, mostly that from the sun.

5) Use a thermometer in the brooder because you will be able to properly regulate brooder temperatures because too much heat can lead to the same condition (due to constipation)

6) Give chicks water with glucose and Multivitamin for 30 minutes prior to feed introduction.

7) Give in water an Anti-stress after u have identified this condition in birds, it facilitates faster healing.

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