Vaccination Program for Cockerel Birds

Below is the vaccination program for cockerel birds meanwhile, you must be aware that certain emergency occurrences might require sudden treatment or vaccination of your flock therefore i will advice that you always carry an expert along.

Daily/Weekly Cockerels Vaccination
1-5days N.D.V Intra Ocular (i/o) Vaccine
1-7days Antibiotics and Multivitamins
11-13days Anti-Coccidial (1st)
14th day Vitamins
15-16days Anti-Gumboro (1st)
17-19days Vitamins
21st day N.D.V (Lasota) Vaccine
22-23days Vitamins
24-26days Anti-Coccidial (2nd)
27th day Vitamins
28-30days Gumboro (2nd)
31-32days Vitamins
37-41days Fowl Pox Vaccine
42-43days Vitamins
44-46days Anti-Coccidial (3rd)
47th day Vitamins
48-56days N.D.V (Komorov) Vaccine
60-62days Debeaking
10-12 Weeks Deworming


Note: Day 1-5, Immucox vaccine provides immunity throughout the birds lifetime, so there is no need of administering anti-coccidial again.

Also note that this Vaccination program is subjected to change by the recommendation of your consultant or Vet. Doctor.

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