Today’s Debate Topic: Why Farming is regarded as a Dirty Job

Today’s Debate Topic: Why Farming is regarded as a Dirty Job

Well, Today am going to be sharing a personal experience!!

Growing up as a child, my mother usually takes us to the farm to either weed the farm, plant some crops or even harvest our matured farm produce. The funny experience I usually discovered was that each time we are set to go to the farm, she will always instruct us to go and “Put on our farm cloths” which means that we obviously have to change the neat cloth we were putting on into a more tattered rag related clothing…..Obviously, Farming is a dirty job then!….. Lol!

Meanwhile, when it is time for us to harvest our produce, somebody like me can boil and finish a corn worth more than #1,000 Naira Nigerian currency instantly because I eat corn a lot.

I may not have that money to buy the corn outside if I was asked to buy it but I was able to eat to my satisfaction simply because I planted it myself…. isn’t that Amazing?

What am trying to say in essence is that there is a saying that goes thus: “No food for Lazy Man” yes and it didn’t say “No food for Poor Man” it only said “Lazy Man” which means that you may not have the excess money you might be looking for to buy whatever you wish to eat but that doesn’t mean that you can not cultivate that which you desire to eat at your garden, watch it grow and enjoy the fruit of your labor.

You might even be lucky enough that it will surprisingly produce more than your expectation and you will then have the produce in abundance to even sale to others and generate income for yourself.

So why don’t you get busy today, plant anything you love around your garden and watch how your inner unknown abilities surpasses your outside weaknesses.

Have you ever had similar experiences like mine?

What is your opinion or suggestion on this?

Kindly share below using the comment box and let’s learn from each other.

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