Today’s Debate Topic: Which Feed do Snails Prefer: Vegetables or Formulated Feeds?

Often times when we mention snail farming as a business, many farmers assume that the only feed that snails consume is basically some vegetables. Although this was actually the major practice during the olden days, but Agriculture/Farming have gone far beyond the ancient methods because on daily basis, researches are being carried out to discover the better and most effective ways of modernizing Agriculture/Farming.

In respect to snail farming, snails have been taken away from their popular method of feeding on some vegetables into compounding snail feeds which supports their growth, performance and production.

While many farmers tend to feed their snails with their formulated feeds, others have also maintained that feeding snails with vegetables still remains the best feed for snails.

Now let us discuss:

Are you a snail farmer or you have been researching on this?

What is your opinion, suggestions or observations on this topic?

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