Today’s Debate Topic: Local Feed versus Foreign Feed which one makes “Catfishes” to grow and perform better?

Recently I visited some catfish farms around to carry out some domestic research regarding the conversion rate of their feeds to the performance and growth of their Catfishes.

Well, I won’t tell you that the research was not worth it as there were different opinions coming from the different catfish farmers.

Some of them maintained that “Foreign or Imported Feeds perform better with regards to the growth and performance of their catfishes” while others also said that “Locally made feeds perform better than the Foreign or imported feeds with regards to their own catfishes growth and performance, also that it is very cost effective as it very cheap to produce thereby increasing their projected profit after the sales of the Catfish”.

Now, Let’s Discuss:

What is your “Opinion” on this topic and your Reasons?

Let us teach and Learn from each other!!

Write your “Opinions” using the comment box below!!

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