Today’s Debate Topic: Is getting a Loan to set up your Farm good?

Our Today’s Debate Topic is going to be very interactive as a lot of people face this common challenge daily. The sincere truth about life is that there is no easy way of making money, you must work very hard to get there.

A lot of dreams have gone to the grave simply because of lack of fund to actualize those dreams while some people are still working very hard daily and praying to achieve their own dreams.

In the Farming/Agricultural sector for instance, Farming generally is capital intensive and time demanding which means that aside from your dream of owning a farm of your own, you will also require a lot of capital in order to achieve that dreams of yours.

This fact has made a lot of farmers go into securing farm loans to enable them start up their farms but thou some farmers was successful with it; some farmer has also been caught up in between paying back their loans.

Have you ever gotten a loan for your farming business?

What was the experience like?

Where you able to pay back at the agreed period?

Now let us discuss:

What is your “Opinion” on this?

Let us learn from each other!

You can share your opinion and suggestions with us using the comment form below!

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