The Type of Bird Recommended for Low Capital start up and the Quantity to Start with

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When it comes to farmers trying to know the type of bird they can actually start with a low capital and the quantity they can start with, I first of all try to find out how much capital they have and is referring to as the low capital.

However, cockerels are the cheapest of all to maintain because the cost of purchasing them and their feeds are minimal. You can also consult an expert to know how much each can cost you.

Note that your interest is much more important than the capital because if your money can raise only 50 layers for example and you are interested in raising layers definitely you can start with that.

The number of birds you start with depends on the space you have, the money at hand and your target market for the products.

N/B: it is generally advisable that you do not raise more than the birds that you can conveniently carter for.

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