I have all the resources to do fish farming and I am highly interested, but marketing and them when they reach maturity is my fear. How do I solve this? Find out

I am happy that you are interested and you have the necessary resource then marketing is not a problem at all. As a beginner, all you need do is to start small, associate with those who have been in the business before and always carry your consultant along. All these will link you up with available marketing your fish most especially if they carried along from the beginning.

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All you need to know about Archatina Marginata Breed of Snail

Processing of snails: Snails could be processed for eating purpose as form eight month of age Use hard objects like stone, club or iron e.t.c to break the shell or put the snail in hot water for 3-5 minutes. Remove and shake. The visceral (Intestine and kidney e.t.c ) of the snail and the foot(edible portion) will come out of the shell. Separate the edible portion (foot) from the visceral and the shell. Wash the foot with alum or lime to remove the slime. The edible portion can then be…

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In Africa, there is no organized market for the sale of snails. They are sold directly to the buyers or consumers from the snail  farmers or those who gather them from the bush or hawkers along the highways. With increasing awareness and production, snails could be marketed in the following ways; The snails could be sold directly to consumers or snail sellers directly from the farm Arrangement could be made to supply hotels and restaurants, e.t.c eggs and meat (DW basis). Exporting snails to foreign countries like United States of…

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