Signs of ill health: •        The snail will fail to eat i.e. •        . Loss of appetite. •        The snail will be inactive. •        There will be loss of weight. •        No ensalivation of the fleshy part(foot) . •        Dryness of the fleshy part. •        Nodules may be formed on the surface of the snail. •        The foot or fleshy part withdraws into the shell PREDISPOSITION FACTORS OR CAUSATIVE AGENTS: •        Adverse environmental condition: •        Insufficient shading and mulching •        Overcrowding: •        Nutrition: •        Poison: •        Pathogen •        Use…

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Harmattan and it’s Effect on Poultry Production

7 Natural Medications in Poultry Rearing (Ethno-Veterinary Methods)

For most poultry farmers, Harmattan period is that time of the year when they refuse to stock Day Old Chicks (D.O.C) for brooding due to the fear that cold will kill all of their chicks. Some even cover their entire poultry pens to avoid excessive cold but while doing all these they also affect the birds they tend to protect because there is no more cross ventilation for them. On our previous topic, we talked about the ideal construction for a poultry pen which covered the ideal length, height, width…

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