How to Plant Maize- Complete Guide

Maize Farming: Soil requirement: Well drained loam and silt loams with fine tithe. Method of propagation: Seed. Date of planting: Mid-march-early April (early maize), late august –mid September (late maize). Spacing: 80cm between rows and 50cm between holes. Number of propagation per hole: 3 to be later thinned to 2 from two to three weeks after planting. Planting depth: 4-5cm Maturity period: 13-16 weeks. Method of harvesting: Cob torn from parent while green or dry. Storage: Maize hung up with part of shuck and dried by smoking. Cob removed from…

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How to Grow Watermelons for Profit – Beginner’s Guide

Watermelon is regarded as a fruit as well as a vegetable which are usually eaten raw, it is also among the best fruits recommended for people that wish to lose weight. 4 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Watermelon Farming Business It gives a High Turnover on investment: It takes a watermelon approximately eighty five days to get to maturity from the planting date which means that you can have three sets of harvested watermelon fruits to sale within the year and if you started out the business on a…

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How to Start Cucumber Farming Business- (Beginners Guide)

Before starting your cucumber farming business, here are some important factors you need to put into consideration. 1. Carryout a Good Research: First you have to make a good and adequate research on what cucumber is all about and how to grow one. 2. Make a good business plan: After you might have gathered your research findings then the next step is to make a business plan which will help you organize and plan your farm the way it should be. You might want to shy away from this thinking…

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How to Setup Your New Pig Farm- Beginners Guide

The Different Species of Pig

1) Securing a Good Location: The first step in setting up a new pig farm is by securing a good location. When choosing a site for raising your pigs, it’s important to select a non-residential area due to the unpleasant odors involved in raising pigs so that it doesn’t affect the neighborhood therefore the site to be chosen must be slightly rural but close to the city for easy accessibility and transportation to the market, it will also make it easier for people who’d prefer to visit your farmland for…

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Business Opportunities in Pig Farming Around the World


What Is Pig Farming?  Pig farming, is a branch of animal husbandry which is referred to as the process of breeding and raising domestic pigs for personal or commercial purposes. Pigs are largely originated from Africa and they belong to the genus “Sus” meanwhile the domestic pigs raised are descendants of their ancestors. Business Opportunities in Pig Farming Around the World 1). Food Production: There is an extremely high consumption of pork meat and other pig related products around the world. Due to this excessive consumption and demand for pig products, it makes…

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