In Africa, there is no organized market for the sale of snails. They are sold directly to the buyers or consumers from the snail  farmers or those who gather them from the bush or hawkers along the highways. With increasing awareness and production, snails could be marketed in the following ways;

  • The snails could be sold directly to consumers or snail sellers directly from the farm
  • Arrangement could be made to supply hotels and restaurants, e.t.c eggs and meat (DW basis).
  • Exporting snails to foreign countries like United States of America, Britain, France.e.t.c.
  • Snail farmers association of Nigeria with headquarters at the Institute of Agricultural Research and Training Ibadan has been established and marketing of snails is one of their goals.
  • The price of snails is always higher in the dry season than the raining season because the supply is limited at this time.


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