Simple Analysis for Snail Farming using Nigeria as a Reference Country

Am very sure a lot of us may want to know and analyze how profitable snail farming business is before wanting to venture into the business.

Therefore, let us analyze below how profitable snail farming business can be in your various countries. If you start a snail farm with 1,000 matured snails and they lay lets say 100 eggs each in a year. Remember that snails can go 3 clusters in a year.

Equals to 100 x 3 = 300 each (that is 300 snails each year) but for the purpose of this, let’s put it at 150 snails per year so that in the worst case scenario that’s what you must get.

Cost of 1,000 snails for breeding = 1,000 x #350 = #350,000 (Three Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira) Nigerian currency.

For 150 snails from 1,000 foundation stock = 150 x 1,000 = 150,000. If after 1 year you decide to sell 100,000 snails out of the 150,000 snails, you will have the total of 100,000 x  #100 per snail (Highly reduced price) = #10,000,000 (that is Ten Million Naira). Is that not amazing? And imagine when am very sure you can make much more than this because this analysis is the lowest possible sales one must get.

Meanwhile, this is a rough projection which is obtainable in a good management practices and I think with this little summary, you can now testify that truly snail farming business is profitable and may also want to venture into it and join the moving train to make more money because I know you can do this.

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