Signs of Ruminant Animals on Heat

How do I know when my ruminants are on heat? This has been a question commonly asked by ruminant farmers. Well there are some signs that the animal will begin to display when they are on heat which will enable you to understand that they are on heat. It should first of all be understood that when an animal is on heat, that is their time of sexual receptivity for example, that is the only time they allow a male animal to mate with them.

When female goats are on heat, the common signs to be observed include restlessness, excessive noise and mounting of other female animals. The vulva will be protruded, red and at advanced stage of heat, there will be discharges from the vulva.

For sheep that are on heat, the visible signs include red and enlarged vulva which may produce discharges. The sheep then stand still to be mounted by the male animal. They are less noisy than goats.

For cows on heat, the signs include restlessness, aggression and mounting of other females. The vulva is enlarged and red, there is also discharges from the vulva.

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