Risks in Purchasing a Pregnant Cow

When some farmers ask if I can advice their buying a pregnant cow, well I won’t really say is such a bad idea because you may be lucky the animal may give you a very good result while on the other hand, it may turn out to be a problem.

I will personally counsel against it because if a pregnant cow is dead, the meaning is that you have lost the money that would have been used in purchasing about 4 to 5 weaners and since we are here to figure out how we can make profits from our agricultural investments I will not advice you to take such risk here at “Agric4profit”.

However if you must buy a pregnant cow, sheep or goat, you must get adequate history of the animal. For instance, How many times has the animal delivered before, has the animal aborted before, what was the previous reproductive interval etc. also, make sure you know the reason why the farmer is selling the animal. Is it because he needs money or is there a problem with the animal? All of these must be ascertained before buying the pregnant cow.

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