Sexual maturity:-

Snails will start to lay eggs when they are sexually matured at 8-12 months or when their weight is between 110-125g.  Snails would continue to lay eggs both in the rainy and dry seasons under domestication.

Factors that affect sexual maturity:-

  • A g e
  • Feeding
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity.
  • Disease condition
  • Specie of the snail.
  • Eggs of snails
  • Clutch Size             4-18
  • Incubation period   28-32 days


 Care for hatchlings or baby snails:

 Care For The Growers

Care For The Breeders/Adults
Daily routine practices
•        Check the housing units and remove any dead snail.
•        Remove the left over feeds every day.
•        Clean and replenish water trough with cool, clean, fresh water daily.
•        Clean the pens and the surroundings.
•        Make sure that the soil is well covered with dry leaves(mulching).
•        In the dry season, wet the soil adequately. In the rainy season, if the rain is a
•        dequate, it may not be necessary. The soil must be moist.
•        Check whether the wire netting or mosquito netting is intact.
•        Check the water in the gutter/ water bath or in the container in case of cage
•        system, if it is adequate for prevention of  soldier ants attack.
•        Feed the snails after sunset (5-6pm) to preserve the freshness of the feed .
•        Keep the door to the housing unit shut always

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