Recommended Snail Rearing Density

Seasonal and Daily Management Practices for Snail

Density affects the growth and breeding capacity of snails. High-density populations tend to grow slowly, develop into smaller adults, and lay fewer clutches of eggs and fewer eggs per clutch. If the snails are very densely packed, they may not breed at all.

The accumulating slime suppresses reproduction. Other disadvantages of high density are the high rates of parasitism and ease of transmission of diseases.

In terms of snail weight, the recommended density is 1-1.5 kg per m2(for A. achatina, this would be about 15 to 25 snails per square metre).

It is best to start a snail farm with as low a density as possible. As the farmer becomes more familiar with snail habits and with managing the enterprise, the numbers could be increased.

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