Recommended Number of Ruminant Animals to start your Farm with

Some farmers always ask me “How many ruminants do you recommend that I start my farm with?

Well, the number of ruminant animals you can start with largely depends on your capacity in terms of space and finances. Mostly, money spent on ruminant farm is spent on their housing and purchase of foundation stock. Their feeds are relatively cheap because they do well on grasses mainly and then concentrates. So, count the cost of housing and then purchasing the animals also budget some funds for feeding and with that, you can decide on which number to start with.

However, starting on a large scale will definitely necessitate the involvement of an expert. So I also recommend that you carry an expert along if you intend starting on a large scale.

There are few already established ruminant farms where the ruminant animals you need to start your farm with can be purchased as of now. However, sources of getting these animals vary from villages (especially Sheep and Goat), normadic Fulani, Research Institutes for example: I.A.R &T, I.I.T.A etc and also already established farms. These animals can also be imported.

Any of these sources could give you a very good stock provided the animals are properly selected. So, from whatever sources, it is good that adequate information is gathered about them before going ahead to purchase them.

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