Poultry Records Keeping Books, Types and it’s Benefits

For the good managements of poultry keeping, farmers are advised to update all records books accordingly. In case of a busy poultry farmer who hardly find time to record or go through the books, he must employ someone to do this task for him/her because it helps the farmer keep the track of everything that is going on among the birds and the farm at large.

Types of Poultry Records

  1. Farm Records
  2. Egg records
  3. Stock records
  4. Selling records
  5. Financial records
  6. Mortality records

Poultry Record Board

Below is an example of what a poultry record board should look like in your poultry farm:


House nos:———————————————–


Date Hatched:——————————————–

Mortality for Today:————————————-

Mortality for the Month:——————————–

Culled/Supplied for marketing:———————–

Balance for today:—————————————

Balance for the Month:———————————

Poultry Attendants:————————————–

Now the content on each form is as follows:

Date: you must keep the date of an incident regarding birds I.e date bought, date sold, date treated, date died etc.

House nos: if the poultry houses are many, care should be taken to note the particular house by identifying them with numbers where a bird or more are removed either to the market for sale, consumption, gift, treatment, transfer or any other reasons.

Breeds: Farmers should know the types of breeds her or she is raising.

Date Hatched: you should know the date your baby chicks were hatched.

Mortality for Today: you should take the records of birds that have died for the day and monthly records must be taken also.

Birds may die either from sickness or mismanagement.

Culled: This is concerned with the number of birds taken out of the house. Birds could be culled either for the fears that they may transfer diseases, given out as gift or supplied for marketing.

Whether taken away for one reason or the other, it must enter into the record books.

Balance for today: You should take records of the remaining birds in the farm daily and monthly records must be taken also.

Poultry Attendants: The names of the attendants in each of the houses must be known and written in the record board, it must enter into the record books accordingly.

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