Pig Feeding and Feeds

The Recommended Protein Source ingredients for Pigs

Feed is a single largest item on every budget in commercial pig farming accounting for at least 65% of the total cost of producing a pig and therefore correct feeding in terms of quality and quantity is Paramount.

If feeding is correct, pig farmer’s profits and income will definitely become low and sometimes him in operating in deficit. A pig farmer should aim at minimizing the production costs if he or she is to maximize the profitability of this enterprise.

Most farmers usually say that the concentrate feeds are very expensive, forgetting the long duration’s their pigs take to reach the market weight and if we are to compare the effects of concentrate versus other alternatives on the performance of our pigs, you will actually realize that using soya, fish meal, cotton seed cake with broken maize and maize bran is more expensive than using concentrate on a long run.

Quality versus Quantity

Currently, most feed mills and feed processing companies are operated by people who never cater for the farmer’s interests forgetting that farmer’s exit from pig farming affects them too. Additionally, there is a lot of adulterated feeds on market. For example, sand is added to fish meal, maize bran mixed with rice bran etc. This kind of dilution always to lower the quality of our complete feed which in turn affects the performance of our pigs.

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