Nutritional Deficiency and How it affects Birds

Nutritional deficiency can only occur when feed feed producers fail to ensure balanced rations for birds. In this case, most of vital vitamins required for birds to grow well, healthy and maintain high production of eggs would not be present such as Pyridoxine B6, Inositol, Vitamins A.D3.D etc.

As a result of this, some unexpected defects are bound to occur and these include paralysis of legs, wings, poor egg production and slow growth may occur.

Prevention: To prevent this situation, the feed producers are advised to always supply poultry farmers with balanced rations to enable birds have all the vitamins mentioned above to boost growth and maintain adequate egg production.

This on the other hand would make poultry farmers get necessary profits, ensuring balanced ration is not a waste of money but for the benefit of birds and farmers themselves.

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