Litter Management

Litter is a material used as bedding for poultry or to absorb their droppings such as wood shaving, Groundnut husks, Broken Maize cobs etc. litter insulates and help to keep the house dry. Since it is an insulator, it keeps the chicks from the otherwise hard, moist cold floor.

Litter should then be looked after regularly to keep it dry, loose and free from being moldy. It should be stirred always preferably every other day, caked and wet litter should be removed.

Quantity of litter required for the chicks is 2-3 inches deep while adults could be 4-6inches deep. Drinkers should be designed to prevent leaking and overflowing of water to wet the litter.

As earlier mentioned above, that litter is a material used as bedding for poultry and for the fact that most of their droppings are mixed with litter, they should be removed fortnightly an replaced with new dried litter.

After this exercise, one would observe that most of the birds will be in a resting position on the litter, enjoying themselves, but if the litter is dirty, they will always remain on their feet. Removing the dry litter is very essential to avoid the risk of internal or external parasites.

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