Layers or Broilers which One is More Profitable in Poultry Farming? Find Out!

Layers or Broilers which One is More Profitable in Poultry Farming? Find Out!

Now let us first take a close look at their unique characteristics before deciding which one among layers or broilers is more profitable in poultry farming.


They are birds that basically focus on the production of eggs, so if you’re going into Layers production in poultry farming just know you are going be focusing more on egg production. It can either be fertilize eggs or non-fertilize eggs.

Layers or Broilers which One is More Profitable in Poultry Farming? Find Out!

Ifyou’re going into hatchery and incubation of eggs to chick, then youwill have to consider fertilization, and this is where you introducea cock to the layers (Female birds).

But in this post we will rather be focusing more on the aspect of producing the non-fertile eggs that are consumable and produced frequently by the birds at maturity usually between 5 to 6 months of age the birds starts laying egg, one thing about layers is that they need proper care and attention, you have to monitor their feeding, medications, and everything about them including periodic changes in the body system especially that occurs during maturity when they are about to start laying, layers are hot-cake in the market as a good layer can lay up to 7 or 8months minimum of 1 egg daily (under a standard condition and proper monitoring) most big farms make it big in egg production both for consumption and hatching.

Ifyou start with a total of 20,000 birds, currently acrate of egg sells for 800 and if well monitored and supervised20,000 birds lay one egg per day you can imagine how much you will bemaking every day from your poultry business.

Mosteateries, restaurants, refreshment spots and hotels buy egg at a verylarge quantity, so you can be so sure of making your sale withoutstress. There is always a ready market for the sales of egg acrossthe country and you can consider selling them internationally.Industries like paint and emulsion makes use of egg as raw material.

Anotheradvantage of layers is that it can be sold as meat after they mighthave laid so many eggs and they become too old to lay (after youmight have realize your investment and profits) youcanstill sell them out as meat (chicken) and bring in new stock ofLayers to continue the egg production  system of layers in yourpoultry farming the higher thenumber of your bird, the better result you can get out of thebusiness (Layers production in poultry) now let talk about


These are the meat producers; their gene and strain has been monitored and cross to be a hybrid and fast growing birds so they grow very fast and convert feeds to meat faster. So this means if you are in hurry and you want to breed for a short time make your money and start all over, broilers is very good at that.

Layers or Broilers which One is More Profitable in Poultry Farming? Find Out!

Broilers can be breed for just 1month (4weeks) after which they are ready for sale (sold directly or processed into meat and exported).

Broilers are sold based on their size but they make better profit when process through abattoir into meat and exported to other countries, broilers are very fragile and they need much attention and care if you must succeed in this great investment you have to handle them with care, watch their feeds and feeding, neatness is very essential in their house, and most important due to the rate at which they grow fast within a short while, their feeds must be available in the feeding trough always “Al-Libitum” meaning (feeds are always in the feeder’
for them to eat), proper medication must be put in place to check the incidences of diseases outbreak and curb death, infected birds should be isolated in order to safeguard the other birds. Some Broilers sells for 5000 naira upward in live weight market value if you have 50,000 broilers, 50,000 x 5000 = a whooping sum of 50,000,000 that’s an amazing profit for the start. If you make such a huge progress in the 1st year of production you can equally increase the number of birds for the following production year and you will see how much profit.

Youcan make in the business. So now let’s compare the both of them:


Altogether, it is left for you to choose base on your preference which one will be better for you. Factors to consider in making the right choice:

Layers or Broilers which One is More Profitable in Poultry Farming? Find Out!
  1. Time availability and how busy are you?
  2. And how much are you ready to sacrifice for the business?
  3. How many years are you going to spend in poultry farming business?
  4. If you have a good amount of money and time then i suggest Layers production but if you don’t have much time but you have money you can consider Broilers.
  5. Labor force: are you going to employ people?
  6. Or you are willing to run the farm system on your own
    or family labor?
  7. Base on the system of farming you adopt you can determine this by yourself and as well, you can consider your level of production if it’s a multi-million-naira farm then you can be sure you’ve to employ service of other people and thus Layers is a good choice.

NOTE: If you have good money for the investment, and time you can as well you run a large scale Broilers and Layer Poultry farm else then you can make a wise choice of which of them to produce either the layers or broilers.


Layers vs Broiler which one is more profitable in Poultry farming?

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