Layers Mash Feed Formula

Feed formulas are usually given based on the needs of your birds so before a feed formula is recommended, it must meet the needs of your birds. It is also very important that you consult an expert for proper guidance.

However, an example of a Layers Mash feed formula for an average of one ton (1000kg) feed production is given below:

Raw Materials Quantity Required
Maize 500kg
Soya Bean Meal (SBM) 130kg
Groundnut Cake (GNC) 100kg
Wheat Offals 195kg
Bone Meal 20kg
Oyster Shell 80kg
Methionine 1kg
Lysine 1kg
Salt 3kg
Vitamin 3kg

Total = 1,033kg

N/B: Seasons can also affect/alter the formulation therefore always carry an expert along.

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2 Thoughts to “Layers Mash Feed Formula”

  1. Godlove Magubika

    This formulae is for how much Kilogram ?

  2. Benadine

    @Godlove, The Formula is for 1ton(1,000kg)

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