Investment Costing for Breeding 100 Snails Within Six Months using Nigeria as a Case Study

Basic Advantages of Snail Farming

STAGE 1: Total cost for the pen construction #35,000

STAGE2:Cost of your labor 

STAGE3:Cost of buying breeder snails called point of lay @ N400 each (100 Pieces)#40,000.

STAGE4:Transportation of 100snails to Owner

STAGE5:Cost feeding using special snail formulated feed #12,000 per 25kg bag. It Feedsthe 100 snails for 3 months. 2 bags needed before harvest of snails for sale.

STAGE6:Cost for buying fruits like pawpaw, watermelon for 6 months period for #1000)But you can get them free from fruit vendors or plant them


At harvest if you bought 100snails when each snail is expected to lay eggs at least twice in 6 months andeach snail can lay 100 eggs at a time. You multiply 10 by 300 that is 1,000eggs in total you are likely to get. You can then sell off the parent stock andstart breeding the baby snails to maturity.

If you sell each parent snailfully matured at #300 you will make a sale of N30,000 for the one hundredparent stock. Which you still have about 10,000 grower snails to grow tomaturity.

Please consider mortality ofsay 20% hence you will have 8000 young snails.

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