Introduction to Paternal and Maternal Breed of Pigs

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In pig breeding we have what we call paternal and maternal breeds. Yorkshire and Landrace are the main maternal breeds used globally while the main paternal breeds include Duroc, Pietrain and Hampshire.

During breeding, Landrace (LL)is crossed with Yorkshire (YY) to produce First Generation (F1) gilts (LY) thatare sold as parent stock to pork producers in order to produce market pigs.

The pork producer will need a terminal sire with both good carcass and meat quality characteristics. Usually Duroc is taken as the best choice so the market pigs produced will be (LYD). All these are supposed to be fattened and slaughtered and the cycle continues.

Introduction to Paternal and Maternal Breed of Pigs

Cambrough is a brand of First-Generationgilts produced by PIC and their gilts are exceptional. We have a number ofseries of cambrough that includes C29, C23 and all these are specificallysupposed to work as parent stock for producers.

They have differentCamboroughs because their selection is based on both consumer and pork producers’interest. They also produce different Boar products which fit their differentgilt types depending on the needs of the producer.

The more market pigs arecrossed the higher the reduction in their performance potential.

Please, have you ever askedyourself a question why your cambrough pigs are not performing the way theyshould? Smiles, I guess you have!

References: Read more on PigImprovement Company (PIG) South Africa.

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