Ideas on Snail Sales and Marketing

If you are considering using marketing and sales as an excuse for not venturing into snail farming, I bet with this ideas you will definitely change your mind because now, Facebook and other social networks has made digital and e-market available to all who have products to sell.

You can meet people online, just build trust with them, be sincere and show transparency, even when you don’t deliver quickly, they will be relaxed because you have built that trust with them.

If you are packaging and processing your snail and you wish to market online, please always ensure to market only when you are ready because someone might ask you to deliver and you fail, the person can not trust you again even when you then have the product available for delivering.

Success is not all about luck. It is about Focus, Determination, Optimism, Hardwork and changing your mindset therefore make things happen instead of waiting for them to happen. Focus on the journey and not the Destination.

Keep learning, focus on the possible not the impossible and surround yourself with smart and accomplished people to guide you.

Never give Up because you can do it only if you believe and trust God!!!

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