How to Treat the Soil for Snail (Soil Treatment for Snail Farming)

Comprehensive Guide on How to Plan a Snail Farming Venture

The following steps are the methods of treating your soil before introducing them into your snail pen to stock your snails on:

The basic ways to carry out this soil treatment operation for your snails include the following methods:

  1. Get your big pot and make a fire.
  2. Put your pot on it, pour in the soil, stir around and make sure all part of soil is hot, continue turning till satisfied that whatever harmful insects or bacteria in the soil is totally dead.
  3. Then you bring it down and spread on a cleat mat to let it cool before putting into the snail pen

Firstly, in soil treatment:

Step one: Get your loamy soil from farm or land cover with green vegetation

Step two and three: Boil the soil and stir with stick or spoon so they can be over all hotness of the soil

Step four: Spread the boil soil on clean cloth or clean mat and allow it to cool

Last step: Pour it in a pen or trench

And after than your snail can be put on the pen/ trench soil treatment is needed in trench, pen, hutch boxes housing of snail While Freeland/ free range housing doesn’t require soil treatment

This is because it will be cumbersome so what should not be done is to pour hot water on the soil for rearing snail.


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