How to Prepare a Cow for Calving

How to Prepare a Cow for Calving

Below are some of the basic techniques involved when preparing a cow for calving:

  • Milking cows should be dried after 10 months of milking
  • The animal is then steamed up by giving it concentrates for the next two months before calving. 2 to 4 kg of good concentrates are given per cow in two splits per day.
  • Heifers should be prepared for milking by often taking it to the dairy
  • , massage the udder gently squeezing and pulling the teats and patting her on the back and the like.
  • A cow due to calve, should be isolated one week before calving for closer attention.

Calving Signs

A cow due to calve will some or all of the following signs:

  • Rigid udder
  • Clear discharge of mucus from the enlarged vulva
  • Loss of appetite and restlessness.

Precautions During Calving

  • Calving heifers should be given special attention as they are likely to have problems
  • A veterinary doctor should be called in case of a difficult calving
  • Ensure that after the calf is born it is licked by the dam and is free of mucus at the nostrils, mouth and eyes.
  • Naval cord should be cut and tied then disinfected with iodine
  • The newborn calve should be allowed to suckle the mother the first 24 hours to get colostrums before isolating it.

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