How to Foster Kits (Baby Rabbits) with Another Doe (Adult Female Rabbit)

How to Care for Newly Weaned Rabbits Properly

In order to prepare for the possibility of fostering kits, you should mate your does in groups. These groups of does should be mated within 3-5 days of each other (at most) in order to allow you to foster the kits if needed. This will help you if you are ever faced with any of the situations previously mentioned.

Options for fostering kits of varying litter sizes:

When a doe has a very large litter some of her kits can be fostered by another doe with a smaller litter, so as to distribute the kits. This helps to ensure that each kit receives the appropriate nutrition and reduces potential problems for the does.

In the situation where a doe has a very small litter, you can either take kits from other does for her to foster (which will help prevent mastitis ), or you can take her kits and foster them with other does. Then, you can re-mate that doe after Bad mother with poor mothering instinct or Carnivorous doe

BEFORE handling the kits, wash your hands thoroughly with a non-scented soap. (Strongly scented soaps and disinfectants may disturb the doe and cause rejection of the fostered kits.)
Rub the powder on your hands. Then gently handle the foster dam’s kits and the kits you will be placing in with the dam. Handle all of the kits before placing the nest box back into the doe’s cage. (Most does will accept fostered kits quite readily without needing to use ointments or scented sprays – using the baby powder is just an added precaution).

This is what i personally ..
I pull fur of the foster dam’s to carry the Kit i want to foster
After the foster kits have been transferred to their new dam’s nest box, be sure to check the nest box every 24 hours to make sure that next box is in good conditions and that all kits have survived.

Note: kits should be foster from day1 to 6days… But it’s does not mean you can’t foster kits of 6days above but the chances keep reducing as the kits grow older


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