How Guava Fruits and Leaves Improve Female Fertility

How Guava Fruits and Leaves Improve Female Fertility

Having babies has been the problems of many homes, situation that might tear down young homes. Children do act as mediator between the father and the mother and sometimes become the link to their stay together.

Some couples might face difficulty in getting babies especially the inability of the woman to be pregnant.

Suggested medication to trigger hormones in the woman’s womb help to some extent. There’s one substance present in Guava called ‘ folate ‘ by scientists.

They found out that folate is important to female fertility by boosting hormones responsible for foetus formation.

In a fertility study, the group of women who took the highest amount of folate daily experienced up to a 20 percent increase in successful births compared with the other groups.

How Guava Fruits and Leaves Improve Female Fertility

One cup of guava juice is said to contain 20 percent of your daily folate requirements.
There are other compound most of which we had listed that aid the hormones necessary for fertility.

Nutrients like vitamins C, calcium, vitamin B2, niacin, vitamin E, and magnesium, Vitamin B9 all help pregnancy and they are present in guava leaves , fruit and many other benefits:

Boil guava leaves
Drink one cup daily.

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