General Routine Maintenance Practices of Snail

What Every Young Farmer Should Know About The 3 Types Of Snails: Achatina Marginata (AM), Achatina Achatina (AA) and Achatina Fulica (AF)

•        Discourage visitors from entering the snailery.
•        Proper inspection of materials carried to the snailery must be done
•        Do not use chemicals or agro-chemicals i.e. Insecticides or herbicides in the snailery.
•        Adequate shade must be provided.
•        Snails must be handled carefully.
•        Soil must be properly moistened especially in the dry season.
Fresh poultry droppings should not be added to the soil in the snailery
•        Mouldy, stale or fermented feed should not be given to snails.
•        The hatchlings or young ones require more humid environment and more attention than the mature ones.
•        The inside and outside of the snailery should be cleaned.
•        Feed and water should be served in shallow containers for easy accessibility.
•        The feed or the soil must be supplemented with oyster shell, bone meal, egg shell or other calcium sources.
•        Snails should be well protected from predators such as soldier ants, snakes and rodents e.t.c.

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