Feeding Methods for Birds

Feed mash should be supplied to the birds twice daily. For instance: once in the morning and once in the afternoon. To prevent wastage of feed mash, feeders should be filled to ⅓ of the total depth and care should be taken also that water troughs or gutters are level, unpunctured and clean.

Food for birds: The types of food birds feed on differ as they grow in age and these are:

Chick feed mash: is used for chicks as from a “day old” (D.O.C.) to 8weeks old when chicks would ordinarily be in the brooder house.

Growers feed mash: is used in feeding chicks from 8weeks old to 20 weeks old, when birds would be still in the growers house.

Layers feed mash: is used for birds from 20weeks old upwards, when the birds are about to be laying eggs or 10% of the birds have started dropping.

Broiler starter feed mash: is used in feeding day old broiler chicks till 4weeks while Broiler finisher feed mash: is used from 4weeks old upwards.

Note: Feeding unbalanced feed mash to birds can lead to disorder both in appearance and egg production. The way or style of feeding the birds and quality of equipment are both of great importance because the design of feeders or drinkers must be standard and accurate.

Unless this is done, birds will not have easy access to food or water and it can lead to retardation of growth among birds which is not supposed to happen with birds of the same age.

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