Feed Formulation Method for Rabbits

Feed Formulation Method for Rabbits

Feed Formulation literally means the act of calculating the best combination of different feed ingredients so as to meet the nutritional requirement of the rabbit using the minimal cost.

We have different groups of rabbit feeds. They include;

  1. Weaners/ growers
  2. pregnant does
  3. Lactating does
  4. Breeders
  5. Pet rabbits

But most of the manufacturers can be found in most parts of the Rural Areas where Rabbit Farmers can be found to formulate one type of rabbit pellets
The most important nutrients in a rabbit diet is the energy, protein, fat and fibre. Others include vitamins (A,D,E), methionine, lysine, calcium and phosphorous.
Below are the protein, fat and fibre required in each group of rabbits.

  1. Weaners and growers
    Protein 16%
    Fat 2-3%
    Fibre 14-16%
  2. Breeders
    Protein 12%
    Fat 1.5-2%
    Fibre 14-20%
  3. gestation
    Protein 15%
    Fat 2-3%
    Fibre 14-16%
  4. lactating about 8 litters
    Protein 17%
    Fat 2.5-3.5%
    Fibre 12-14

The breeders both the does and bucks should be given the breeder feed for body maintenance to avoid them being obese which is a challenge when it comes to breeding.

Feed Formulation Method for Rabbits

This are the nutritional composition of a general rabbit feed formula.
Crude Fibre 12%
Crude Protein 16%
Lysine 0.45%
Methionine 0.40%
Digestive Energy 2600kcal/kg
Trace Minerals range of 0.4-0.5% (Iron, Copper Zinc & Iodine)
Crude Fat 3.5-5.0% max
Calcium (Actual) 1.10%
Phosphorus (Actual) 0.60%
Sodium (Actual) 0.20%
Potassium 0.80%
Magnesium 0.25%
Vitamin A 12,000 IU/kg
Vitamin D 1,500 IU/kg
Vitamin E 50 IU/kg
Feed formulation is all about calculations and knowing the limit of each ingredient e.g. Sunflower should not exceed 7.5% ,cotton seed cake 10%…..etc.
To make this easy and interesting, give me a list of feed ingredients of plant origin eg. Maize, maize germ….etc and i will formulate the above formula for you.

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