Facts about Snails and Snail Farming

  • Snails produce a thick slime which protect and give them the ability to crawl on sharp objects like the edge of a razor and not get hurt.
  • Snails are hermaphrodites that is to say that they posses both male and female reproductive system.
  • Garden snails have up to 14,175 teeth and they are all located on their tongue called the radula.
  • The biggest snail specie is the Achatina Marginata (AM) which is very popular in Africa.
  • Snails have the ability to hibernate or aestivate during extreme cold or dry season. They form a protective white covering which can sustain them for months.
  • Snails are nocturnal animals that is to say they are more active at night than during the day.
  • Snail is a very good source of protein
  • Due to the suction created by their slime, a snail can crawl upside sown.
  • Snails are deaf, they can only see, feel and smell.
  • Snails can live up to 20 years like in some cases that have been seen.

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