Factors that made Snail Farming a Highly Lucrative Business


Snail farming as some peoplealready know is a very lucrative business but now the big question is: Whatexactly makes snail farming to be that highly lucrative?

Today we are going to bediscussing about those factors that makes snail farming as a business verylucrative.

Some of such factors includesand not limited to the following:

1.A high rate of malnutrition in the country

Malnutrition has been andcurrently one of Nigeria big problem to be solved. It is in fact, a marketingopportunity for any aspiring entrepreneur or an existing entrepreneur to grabthis. As farmer are involved in farming and in livestock farming, malnutritionrate reduces and in fact wiped away because of high rate in production andexcess supply to beat demand.

Currently in Nigeria, snailfarming had been ignored for decades mainly because Nigerians don’t see thebusiness to be realistic like other livestock or agric. business. Europeans whoknow the value of snail farming are into it big time, and some of Nigerians.

Snail farming is lesscompetitive compared to other agricultural businesses like fish farming,poultry, oil farming etc. Snail farming is the answer to Nigeria malnutritionrate and an increased insatiable demand for protein produce. Due to snail beenprolific in nature with an increased reproduction rate can solve this problemof malnutrition.

Research has proven snail meatto be a complete balance diet and contains all necessary and importantnutrients that the human body needs for good development and performance.

 2.  Prolific in Nature

Snails are prolific indeed,and are serious pests to crop farming. Due to high rate of reproduction itcauses serious problems in crop farming.

If snails are been nurturedmainly for commercial purposes with the high rate of prolificacy it has, anyindividual who ventures into this has a lot of money to be made. Snails meatare sourced for all year round and 60% of snails produced are consumed byEuropeans.

There is a high rate of production in snails, a snail lays up to 200 eggs in a year, and can go 3 clusters in a year, there is an increased rate in reproduction equaling the insatiable demand for snails.

 3. Snailsmeat are exportable

For a snail farmer whoventures into this highly lucrative farming has two markets to tap into. Localand international market. The foreign market indeed is top notch to getinvolved in, exporting of snails abroad to an insatiable market is on thedemand.

Europeans play a major role in the growth of snail farming world-wide, 60% of snails produced are consumed by them making this niche of agrobusiness to be a golden opportunity for individuals and aspiring entrepreneurs to venture into.

Factors that made Snail Farming a Highly Lucrative Business
Factors that made Snail Farming a Highly Lucrative Business

 4.Snail slime as a by-product

In agriculture all farming hasby products. It is only the smart and wise entrepreneurs and farmers will get aplan to transform the agro-economy with these by-products. In agriculture halfof what is eaten and thrown away can solve a problem in other areas of economicproduction. For snail farming, by-products, snail slime is gotten from snails.

Research has proven snail slime’s to be a useful by-product in cosmetic production mainly because of its anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties it possesses. Europeans source for snails mainly for snail slime and also snail meat.

5.Snail shells as a major material in feeds production

A farmer can incorporate thisbusiness idea to his normal business. Snail shells are high in calcium, andcalcium plays a major role in feed production and a useful feed material interms of feed input. Snails, poultry birds etc. needs calcium for proper growthand development.

6.Snail droppings as green manure

Manure is important in cropproduction. And are sourced round yearly by crop farmers.

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