Crop Storage Methods

There are basically two methods of storage: in bags and in bulk.

Bags can be stored either in the open air or in warehouses; bulk grain is stored in bins or silos of various capacities.

a) Drying Cribs

Drying crib can be used for a storage barn but it is too dangerous to leave the grain exposed to insects, birds, and other pests in order to avoid that, when the grain is dry it should be moved to a better storage place.

b) Bag Storage

Bag storage is a very popular form of storage because bags are easy to handle and the jute bag allows you to store different grains in the same room. When storing your agricultural products in bags, make sure you note the following:

– Make sure the storage room is clean and free of all insects. Meanwhile Holes should also be repaired.

– Wash all old bags, shook out, and placed in the sun to dry to drive away any insects still in the sack.

– Check the bags regularly for any problems.

Make sure that the sacks never rest directly on the ground or against walls.

c) Bamboo Boxes

Bamboo boxes are usually constructed with bamboo sticks and bamboo rope. The floor of the box is always raised off the ground in order to prevent water to rise up from the ground to enter the box. The bottom of the walls is often packed with mud soil to prevent rats and the box roofed with zinc or is placed under the leaves of the house to ensure the rain off the box.

d) Drums (Air Tight Storage)

Drums are another good storage material, ensure that the drums are well cleaned, don’t have holes and is sealed properly. Place only dried grains in the drums and the drum must be kept in a cool place.

f) Others

Baskets, tins, and empty calabashes can also be used to store grain. Just ensure that the grains and the containers are clean and free of insects. Keep the container in a clean, cool, dry place. Baskets, tins’ end calabashes are small and are ideal for seed storage.

Metals drums must be put out of the sun. Good storage places are cool, dry, and dark.

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