33 Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are often consumed as a snack. They can be easily found both in traditional market or modern market, evenRead More

Sowing Guide for Different kind of Crops

 Every crop farmer must be aware of the specie he/she wants to cultivate, the average number of seeds, the quantityRead More

‘Golden’ potato delivers bounty of vitamins A and E

Experimental tuber could cut disease in developing nations, study suggests Golden potatoes, seen at right, are far richer in vitaminsRead More


1. Shoots: Shoots target the above-ground business of the plant. Very young plants may possess only simple, undeveloped shoots. AsRead More

Classification of Crops

Classification based on life span of crops/duration of crops: 1.1 One seasonal crops: these are the kind of crops thatRead More

Crop Plant Forms

1. Monocotyledonous crops: these are   E.g. All cereals & Millets, They usually have narrow and long leaves and theyRead More

Crop Storage Methods

There are basically two methods of storage: in bags and in bulk. Bags can be stored either in the openRead More

Systems of Crop Production

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How to Convert Potato Wastes into Ethanol (Researchers Reveals)

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Sweet potato Production and Management

According to the manual Produced by CIP-Sub-Saharan Africa Regional Office (SSA), Nairobi, Sweet potato has the potential to produce remarkablyRead More

Selecting and preparing land for sweet potatoes planting

Some of the basic factors to be considered when selecting a a site for sweatpotato farming includes: Altitude: Sweetpotato growsRead More

When to plant and Planting methods of Sweet Potatoes

Sweetpotatoes are being planted on mounds, ridges or flat beds meanwhile good soil aeration is also required for storage rootRead More