Piglets Management

The first few hours of the life of a piglet are very important. What you do to the piglet inRead More

How Pigs learn from Each other

Kune Kune piglets possess social learning skills and have an astonishingly good memory   Kune Kune piglets are able toRead More

Live-pig markets, traders could provide insight to controlling African swine fever

Source: University of California – Davis Summary: Understanding how live pigs are traded between villages and backyard farmers can helpRead More

NEONATAL PIG DIARRHOEA – Introduction, Clinical Signs, Prevention/Treatment

Diarrhoea is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality in neonatal pigs. Diarrhoeal disease in neonates is oftenRead More

Methods to use in Cross-Breeding Animals

There are generally two methods of cross-breeding as is seen in mating. You can do natural mating or artificial insemination.Read More

Factors to be considered before Cross-Breeding

First of all, you must have all the qualities you want in your animals in mind and be sure theRead More

Disadvantages of Cross-Breeding

Among the disadvantages of cross-breeding is that the natural traits of the parents are not completely transferred to the offspring’sRead More

Advantages of Cross-Breeding

As earlier said on my last article, it helps in improving the qualities of animals being cross-bred. Also, it helpsRead More

All about Cross-Breeding

As the name suggests, Cross-Breeding involves the crossing of one breed of ruminants with another. For example: using the maleRead More

Find out which of the Ruminant Breeds is better to raise

The Answer to this question depends on a lot of factors: ranging from First, is the purpose for which theRead More

Popular Breeds of Ruminant Animals

Generally, ruminant breed ranges from local breeds to exotic (imported) breeds. The local breed of cattle include: White Fulani, Ndama,Read More

Find out the possibility of Raising Ruminants both for Fattening and Reproduction on the same Parcel of Land

This is very possible but the only difference will be their management. For instance, the ones for fattening will notRead More

The Ratio of a Male to Female Ruminants

If you are to raise ruminants for production, it largely depends on the amount you have at hand and theRead More

Fattening Ruminants? Find out the Best Sex to Raise

It has been proven that male animals grow faster and bigger than the female animals. Also, it is a reproductiveRead More

Fattening Ruminants vs Raising them for Production: Find out which is more Economical

Both fattening the ruminants or Raising them for production are good practices in Ruminant Farming but it largely depends onRead More


There are many causes of disease in animals. The knowledge of what causes disease, and of how animals can getRead More

Pig Farming Step-by-Step Beginners Guide

  Pigs are omnivore’s animal, which means that they consume both plants and animals. In the wild, they are foragingRead More

How to Setup Your New Pig Farm- Beginners Guide

1) Securing a Good Location: The first step in setting up a new pig farm is by securing a goodRead More

The Different Species of Pig

1). Yorkshire Pig: They are characterized with the following: 1) They are white in color. 2) They have erect ears.Read More

Business Opportunities in Pig Farming Around the World

What Is Pig Farming?  Pig farming, is a branch of animal husbandry which is referred to as the process of breedingRead More