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Research shows How cats and cows protect farm children from asthma

Source: University of Zurich Summary: It is a known fact that microbes on farms protect children from asthma and allergies. But even non-microbial molecules can have a protective effect. Immunologists have shown that a sialic acid found in farm animals is effective against inflammation of lung tissue. This study opens up a

A common underlying genetic basis for social behavior in dogs and humans

Source: Princeton University Summary: Scientists have identified genetic changes that are linked to dogs’ human-directed social behaviors and suggest there is a common underlying genetic basis for hyper-social behavior in both dogs and humans. FULL STORY                                                             A boy and his dog. Credit: © Christin Lola / Fotolia                    Dogs’ ability to

Are you barking up the wrong tree by sleeping with your dog?

Let sleeping dogs lie … in the bedroom. That’s according to a new Mayo Clinic study that’s sure to set many tails wagging. It’s no secret that Americans love their dogs. According to the American Veterinary Association, more than 40 million American households have dogs. Of these households, 63 percent consider their

Dogs have the ability to recognize themselves, Research shows.

Credit: © Africa Studio / Fotolia According to Materials provided by National Research Tomsk State University, A new research carried out by the Department of Psychology of the Barnard College in the USA, in publication on the journal Behavioural Processes used a sniff-test to evaluate the ability of dogs to recognize themselves. The