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Oil Crops

Oil crops are those types of plants which are grown mainly for the oil they produce. For example: soybeans, canola, avocados, grapes, and almonds. Soybeans, peanuts, sunflowers, and canola are mainly used to produce edible oils. Sunflowers are used to produce sunflower oils, peanuts are used to produce peanut oil (Ground nut


1. Shoots: Shoots target the above-ground business of the plant. Very young plants may possess only simple, undeveloped shoots. As a plant grows, however, these tender shoots develop into stems and leaves. So, stems and leaves are really part of the shoot system. Stems and leaves are so different and specialized that

Classification of Crops

Classification based on life span of crops/duration of crops: 1.1 One seasonal crops: these are the kind of crops that completes its life cycle in one season. E.g. rice, wheat etc. 1.2. Two seasonal crops: these are those kind crops that complete its life in two seasons. E.g. Cotton, turmeric, gingers 1.3.

Crop Plant Forms

1. Monocotyledonous crops: these are   E.g. All cereals & Millets, They usually have narrow and long leaves and they include certain families of grasses: orchids and lilies. Palms e.g. coconut palm, oil palm, raffia palm, and royal palm are the common trees in this group. Maize, guinea corn, millet, rice and

Crop Storage Methods

There are basically two methods of storage: in bags and in bulk. Bags can be stored either in the open air or in warehouses; bulk grain is stored in bins or silos of various capacities. a) Drying Cribs Drying crib can be used for a storage barn but it is too dangerous

Reasons why you should Invest in Oil Palm Business

In the olden day’s traditional farming method, nobody cultivates oil palms; People simply pick the clusters of fruit from the oil palms that grow in the forest. But these oil palms produce little oil . The oil is extracted by traditional methods, and a lot of oil is left in the pulp

Modern Method of Oil Palm Cultivation

Summary: An oil palm begins to produce 3 or 4 years after it has been planted. If proper care is not taken of the seeds, they will germinate only after several years meanwhile At the research stations, the seeds are kept in a room where it is always very hot, This makes