As environmentalists focus on the International Year of Forests, there has been much attention on destructive logging in Africa’s rain-forests,Read More

Processing Enterprises: a source of household income from forest products

For many farmers in the West African region, processing forest and farm tree products provides an essential source of off-farmRead More

The export of forest and tree resources from the humid zone region: Medicinal plants and animals

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Cola Nuts Trade and Production

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Fuel-Wood Production and Marketing

Throughout West Africa, fuelwood trade increasingly provides a source of cash income for those with access to urban markets. Generally,Read More

The market for medicinal products e.g. Chewing Sticks

In several market studies, researchers have noted the fact that medicines are commonly sold, especially in markets destined for urbanRead More

Production and Marketing of Palm Wine

Palm wine and palm alcohol (processed from wine, Section 4.8.1) are commonly marketed throughout the West African region. While thereRead More

The Marketing of the Fruit and Seeds of Ogbonno (Irvingia Gabonensis)

There is a considerable amount of information on the markets for Irvingia gabonensis in southern Nigeria. In some areas thereRead More

Gathering and Marketing of other Forest Foods

A great number of forest foods are gathered and sold in the local and regional markets of the region. Semi-wildRead More


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Importance and Health Benefits of Kola Nuts (Cola Acuminate)

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