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Anti-stress and its importance for fishes

Really, fishes (either fingerlings or juveniles) do pass through a lot of stress in the cause of cropping them, transporting and stocking them in the pond where they will grow to table size. The extent of the stress depends on the distance covered in transporting them, the time of the day they

How to identify and Treat Diseases on your fish Farm

It is possible for your fish not to have any disease. However, this is only possible if you take every precaution at preventing diseases which include adequate and proper feeding, good water maintenance and prevention of stressful conditions. All these are based on the assumption that your fishes either fingerlings or juveniles

The possible market outlet for Table Fishes

Fishes can be sold to the middle women and men that will re-sell; it can also be sold to restaurants and pepper soup joints. Arrangements can be made with big eateries where continental dishes are served. Importation is also a possibility depending on the capacity of your fish farm. In a nutshell,

Introduction to Fish Farming

Fish farming is known as pisciculture in the academic world. It is a form of aquaculture involving the farming of aquatic organisms like fish, crustaceans, mollusks and aquatic plants. Fish farming involves raising fish commercially in ponds, tanks or enclosures. There are hundreds of species of fish among which are: sea trout,

Reasons why “Super Gro” remains the Best among All

Super Gro is a product of NEOLIFE, a company that specializes in natural and nutritional health products for human and plants. Super Gro is a 100% organic liquid fertilizer, which is made from poultry droppings and sea bird guano. Being made from organic matter with absolutely no chemicals added to it, it

How do I prevent cannibalism in my fish pond? Find out

To prevent cannibalism, avoid overcrowding, put the right number of fishes in the size of pond. Do proper feeding and make sure that there is no sharp disparity in the sizes of fish that you are stocking in the same pond, Also regular sorting of your fishes of similar sizes put together

Find out how long it takes fingerlings to reach Table Size

The time it will take fingerlings to reach table size depends on your feeding, housing and every other management procedures put in place. If properly managed, your fish should be ready for table after six months. Meanwhile this also depends on the weight you are targeting for your fish. If they are

What type of fish is economical to raise? Find out

In Nigeria for instance, Catfish (Clarias) command more market price than others that could be raised because it is consumed by the vast majority. It is used especially in the preparation of pepper soup which is a delicacy to a lot of people. So in the choice of which type of fish

Do fish get diseases from feeds? Find out

There are lot of diseases that fish can get from feeds which include food poisoning (especially when decayed feeds are served), Salmonellossis etc. the best thing is to always serve non- contaminated feeds to your fish and also report any sign noticed on your fish farm to your consultant who will help

When after stocking do you need to feed your fish? Find out

It is advisable that you allow your fingerlings/juveniles some rest after stocking before giving them feed. This is to prevent feed problem that may be as a result of stress that they have been made to pass through. If stocking is done in the morning for instance, it is better to wait

How often is recommended to give maggots to the fishes

You can give maggots to your fish as often as you have access to it. However, make sure it does not substitute compound feed for them. Also, it should not be given them in a quantity that will prevent them from eating the normal compounded feed. It should also be given as

Maggot Feeding: Can I feed my fish only on maggots?

Feeding your fish only on maggots will not give them all the necessary classes of feed, especially energy needed to gain weight will be lacking. Most of the time, fish fed on maggots only will look big but will not have corresponding weight. Remember fish are sold on the basis on weight

How to know if your fishes are Underfed or Overfed

To know if your fishes are underfed, you need to regularly observe their weight gain. Underfed fishes will always fail to develop well. Also, observe how they rush feed each time they are fed. In addition, unequal sizes and cannibalism are common occurrences with underfed fish. Diseases are also not far from

The Quantity of feed Fishes Eat at a Time

The quantity of feed they eat at a time varies from time to time based on their age. The older they grow, the more the quantity of feed they take. Averagely, to reach 1 kg weight, it is expected that a fish would have consumed 1 kg of feed. Thus, to know

Recommended number of times to feed Catfishes daily

This depends on how busy you are if you are the one feeding them yourself. However, feeding them three times in a day is ideal. Create a feeding time for them and adhere to it. In any case, if it will be anything less, feeding them less than 2 times a day

Advantages of imported feeds over the local feeds

Imported feeds have some advantage over the local which includes: most imported feeds are floating feeds and thus do not contaminate water easily compared with local feeds which are mostly sinking feeds/pellets. Also, being floating pellets, imported feeds are not usually wasted as most of them can stay on the surface of

The Feeds Catfish Eat

Fish feeds on a lot of things. However, to get the best from them especially when raised in commercial quantity, one must give them feeds that are well compounded and rich in all necessary classes of food. Thus, I will categorize fish feeds into imported, local and others. Imported feeds are those

How often to wash your fish concrete tanks

While fish are still in the pond, it is not advisable to drain the water completely in an attempt to change their water. It is good to reduce the water in the pond to a level and then top it with fresh water. So, washing the pond may not be necessary in

Meaning of Recirculatory system in fish farming

Recirculatory system of fish housing is such that water being used in the pond is recycled. For instance rather than flushing out dirty water, the water is passed through a system that will sieve out the dirt from the water and then the same water is returned back into the pond for

Fisheries given a solution to overharvesting

 There are fewer fish in the sea literally. Consumer demand and inadequate scientific information has led to overharvesting, reducing fish species and fish stocks around the world. But University of Guelph researchers have identified a possible solution. They have developed a model that allows fisheries to net enough to meet rising consumer

Environmental Factors Affecting Feed Consumption in Fishes

Feeding by fish depend on environmental factors which are physical, chemical or biological in nature. Some of the factors affecting the feed consumption in fishes are explained below. Different species of fish have different physiological optimum temperatures and that temperature changes do not equally affect the voluntary feed intake. Feed intake, as

How often you need to Change Water in your Fish Farm

How often do you need to change the water in your concrete pond after stocking it with fish? This largely depends on your management system which includes your stocking density, the type of water you are using and the type of feed you are giving to your fishes. High stocking density will

The Best Source of Water for Fishes in Concrete Ponds

Most fish farmers often want to know what source of water that is best for the fish in a concrete tank. Well any source of water (rain, well, tap, borehole etc.) is good for your fishes as long as they are free of chemicals and microbes. This means that the water to