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Cucumber Farming Business in Nigeria – A Step by Step Guide

Cucumber is one of the most popular vegetables widely consumed by every Nigerians in East, West, North, and South and in other countries. Individuals whom are into Cucumber Farming business in Nigeria can testify how lucrative this business could be and the pleasure of investing in it. So if you are interested

Sowing Guide for Different kind of Crops

 Every crop farmer must be aware of the specie he/she wants to cultivate, the average number of seeds, the quantity for sowing per hectare and the crop density (Number of plants per hectare). This will help the farmer understand what his or her expectations are from the crops to be planted. Below


1. Shoots: Shoots target the above-ground business of the plant. Very young plants may possess only simple, undeveloped shoots. As a plant grows, however, these tender shoots develop into stems and leaves. So, stems and leaves are really part of the shoot system. Stems and leaves are so different and specialized that

Classification of Crops

Classification based on life span of crops/duration of crops: 1.1 One seasonal crops: these are the kind of crops that completes its life cycle in one season. E.g. rice, wheat etc. 1.2. Two seasonal crops: these are those kind crops that complete its life in two seasons. E.g. Cotton, turmeric, gingers 1.3.

Crop Plant Forms

1. Monocotyledonous crops: these are   E.g. All cereals & Millets, They usually have narrow and long leaves and they include certain families of grasses: orchids and lilies. Palms e.g. coconut palm, oil palm, raffia palm, and royal palm are the common trees in this group. Maize, guinea corn, millet, rice and

Crop Storage Methods

There are basically two methods of storage: in bags and in bulk. Bags can be stored either in the open air or in warehouses; bulk grain is stored in bins or silos of various capacities. a) Drying Cribs Drying crib can be used for a storage barn but it is too dangerous

Systems of Crop Production

Under the growing of crops, there are different systems in which crops can be cultivated which are usually practiced by farmers, Cropping systems vary among farms depending on the available resources and constraints; geography and climate of the farm; government policy; economic, social and political pressures; and the philosophy and culture of

How to Start Cucumber Farming Business- (Beginners Guide)

Before starting your cucumber farming business, here are some important factors you need to put into consideration. 1. Carryout a Good Research: First you have to make a good and adequate research on what cucumber is all about and how to grow one. 2. Make a good business plan: After you might

13 Health Benefits of Cucumbers

Cucumbers can be regarded as a fruit and also a vegetable which are usually eaten raw. It can also serve as an ingredient for garnishing in salads, soups and stew if possible or as accompaniments to various foods. The fruit has a mild flavor, with a thin, dark green, tender skin that