How to Grow Tomatoes

Tomato is a vegetable locally produced and highly consumed in Uganda. Almost on a daily basis every person has toRead More

10 Incredible Benefits of Rice

The health benefits of rice include its ability to provide instant energy, regulate and improve bowel movements, stabilize blood sugarRead More

Garri Processing and Reasons why Garri business is a very profitable agribusiness to venture into

Garri is processed from cassava tubers, and has become a much wanted staple food in Nigeria. Once considered to beRead More

Propping and Harvesting of Plantains

Propping The heavy weight of the plantain bunch bends all bearing plants and can cause doubling (pseudo stem breaks), snap-offRead More

Inter-cropping of a plantain field and its Advantages

Plantain fields are arranged in rows spaced at about 3m x 2m. as the canopy closes only to about 5Read More

Recommended Weed Control Practiced / Methods for Plantain Plantations

Plantains should always be weed free, weed control starts during the field preparation and weeds are initially controlled about everyRead More

Recommended Plantain Fertilization Methods

In order to produce a heavy bunch, plantains always need some extra nutrients. These can be applied in the formRead More

Mulching of Plantains and its Advantages

Organic matter is essential for plantain cultivation if the field is to be very productive for a long time. ARead More

4 Ways of caring for a Fruit Tree

1) Decide how to prune: If you want the tree to produce fruiting branches low to the ground, you canRead More

How to Plant Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are surprisingly easy to grow in a backyard setting, and they yield years’ worth of beautiful spring bloomsRead More

Advantages and Disadvantages of Greenhouse Technology

Greenhouse Technology is the interesting procedure of giving positive conditions to the plants. Developing plants is both a craftsmanship andRead More

What is Mulching and Importance of Mulching

Mulching may be defined as the process of covering the soil surface around the plants to create congenial conditions forRead More


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Clean your Kidney now with Garden Egg Leaves


Tropical Plants: Definition and Importance

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7 Ways to Boost the Bloom in Your Grow Garden

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Health Benefits and Nutritional Values of Orange

Oranges are tropical fruits of the citrus species that are grown worldwide specifically here in Nigeria and other West AfricanRead More

The Recommended method of planting plantains and the right time to plant them

Suckers are planted immediately after field preparation. Plant holes are prepared with a minimum size of about 30 cm xRead More

How to prepare Plantain Suckers for Planting

Suckers are separated from their mother plant with a spade or machete. The sucker corm must not be damaged orRead More

How to select Plantain Cultivars

For field cultivation, medium plantains should be preferred to giant ones even though giant plantains produce heavier bunches. Giant plantainsRead More

The Recommended Spacing for Plantain Cultivation

The recommended spacing for planting plantain is 3m between the plantain rows and 2 m within the row (in other words.Read More

Methods of field preparation for plantain farming

When preparing your fields for your plantain farming, you must be aware of the fact that fields are to beRead More

Selecting a site for plantain farming? Things to consider

Selecting The Site There are some factors that must be considered when selecting a site for your plantain farming businessRead More

The Importance of Plantain Farming Business

Plantain is a staple crop grown throughout the tropics. In Africa, plantain and Banana are also an important source ofRead More

How to process cassava chips for Animal feed

Cassava Chip Production for Animal Feed Animal feed has always been a major limiting factor in the growth of theRead More

Reasons why “Super Gro” remains the Best among All

Super Gro is a product of NEOLIFE, a company that specializes in natural and nutritional health products for human andRead More

30 Proven Health Benefits of Okra (Lady Fingers) Vegetables

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33 Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

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34 Amazing Benefits of Paw-Paw (Papaya) Fruit and Leaves

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Health Benefits of taking Watermelon Fruit during Early Pregnancy

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Health Benefits of Eating Pawpaw (Papaya) Fruit during Pregnancy

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Health Benefits of Paw-Paw (Papaya) Leaves for Cancer and Others

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5 Health Benefits of Consuming Green Bananas

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8 Health Benefits of Eating Banana Before Going to Bed

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Guide on Starting a Watermelon Farm

Get Your Land Space The first step to take is to find the land you will need for the cultivationRead More