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33 Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are often consumed as a snack. They can be easily found both in traditional market or modern market, even several nutrition’s in sweet potatoes is good for our body, we have to be aware of the risk for our health that might come after we consume sweet potato. Health Benefits of Sweet

Coccidiosis Disease, Symptoms and Prevention

Coccidiosis disease affects chicks at an early age between 3 – 4weeks old or more depending on the type involved. Symptoms: Chicks affected by coccidiosis disease will always close their eyes with feathers flying over and will not be able to feed or drink well as usual. There may also be bloody

Newcastle Disease, Symptoms and Prevention

Newcastle disease has for several years been recognized as a leading cause of loss to poultry farmers, it’s deadly to birds. In laying birds, Newcastle disease may cause a temporary stoppage of egg production lasting 4-6weeks. Symptoms: These symptoms are usual in chicks and adult birds for instance: gasping, coughing and rattling

Gumboro Disease, Symptoms and Prevention

Gumboro Disease threatens poultry farmers mostly because it is a killer type of disease. It is an acute infectious disease that is common with chicks of 3-6 weeks old. Gumboro disease disturbs the growth of broilers in most severe manners. Symptoms: Birds infected with Gumboro disease would not be able to feed

Tomato Russet Mite

Botanical Name: Aculops lycopersici Crops it affects: Tomato Description: this is a small mite, invisible with naked eye which attacks the green part of the plant Symptoms and Damage Some of the symptoms that are being displayed by the plants when being affected by this disease include:   Leaves turn yellow and