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Bees use invisible heat patterns to choose flowers

                             Floral heat patterns from rock rose.  Credit: University of Bristol A new study, led by scientists from the University of Bristol, has found that a wide range of flowers produce not just signals that we can see and smell,

Tiny bees play big part in secret sex lives of trees

This map shows how bees carried pollen from numerous father trees to a specific mother tree, often traveling from more than two kilometers away. University of Texas at Austin researchers analyzed seeds and genetic markers in trees to determine which bees carried pollen from where. Credit: The University of Texas at Austin

Pesticides may cause bumble bees to lose their buzz, study finds

Pesticides significantly reduce the number of pollen grains a bumblebee is able to collect, a new University of Stirling study has found. The research, conducted by a team in the Faculty of Natural Sciences, found that field-realistic doses of a neonicotinoid pesticide affects the behaviour of bees ultimately interfering with the type

In bee decline, fungicides emerge as improbable villain

Fungicides particularly chlorothalonil — appear to be impacting bee health. Credit: © Zacarias da Mata / Fotolia When a Cornell-led team of scientists analyzed two dozen environmental factors to understand bumblebee population declines and range contractions, they expected to find stressors like changes in land use, geography or insecticides. Instead, they found