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Ten Commandments of Poultry Health

You should always be at alert for sign of diseases. Always get an accurate diagnosis immediately by calling on the veterinarian. Always be careful with visitors or strangers who might transfer disease organisms to your birds. Always keep confined chicks in clean disinfected and dried quarters. Always follow a rigid vaccination program.

How to Control and Prevent Disease Outbreak on your Poultry Farms

Disease control and prevention Good hygiene, sanitation and medication are important aspects of poultry keeping. To control diseases in the farm, poultry farmers must do the following: Rear chicks in isolation Avoid mixing birds of different ages together Screen out rodents and wild animals Keep visitors out of the poultry houses Secure

Poultry Feed-mill and Formulation of Rations

What is feed mill? Feed mill is a concept that deals with the science of combining different/available animals consumable raw materials in a proportion suitable to animals to enhance balanced rations. Types of poultry feed mash are: Chick feed mash Grower feed mash Layer feed mash Broiler starter feed mash Broiler finisher

Nutritional Deficiency and How it affects Birds

Nutritional deficiency can only occur when feed feed producers fail to ensure balanced rations for birds. In this case, most of vital vitamins required for birds to grow well, healthy and maintain high production of eggs would not be present such as Pyridoxine B6, Inositol, Vitamins A.D3.D etc. As a result of

Feeding Methods for Birds

Feed mash should be supplied to the birds twice daily. For instance: once in the morning and once in the afternoon. To prevent wastage of feed mash, feeders should be filled to ⅓ of the total depth and care should be taken also that water troughs or gutters are level, unpunctured and

Litter Management

Litter is a material used as bedding for poultry or to absorb their droppings such as wood shaving, Groundnut husks, Broken Maize cobs etc. litter insulates and help to keep the house dry. Since it is an insulator, it keeps the chicks from the otherwise hard, moist cold floor. Litter should then

All About Coccidiosis in poultry and How to tackle it

Coccidiosis is an intestinal disease that occurs when a microscopic parasitic organism (called a protozoa) attaches itself to the intestinal lining of a chicken. It damages the tissue of the gut, causing bleeding (which can be evident in their droppings), prevents the chicken from absorbing nutrients and creates an environment in which

All About Eggs

Egg Definition: Ovum or female reproductive body of multi-cellular animals, particularly the complex structure produced by birds, reptiles and certain mammals that matures outside the body of the parent. Egg consist of protoplasm, the germ, tread and yolk from which animal develops. The flesh of eggs are used as food and all

Poultry Terms and Meanings

Below are some of the basic poultry terms and terminologies you need to be aware of: Terminologies Meaning Chicks Both male and female birds of one day old (D.O) to 6-8weeks old. Growers Both male and female birds of 8-12weeks old Pullets Female birds that are less than 20weeks old Cockerels Male

Poultry Records Keeping Books, Types and it’s Benefits

For the good managements of poultry keeping, farmers are advised to update all records books accordingly. In case of a busy poultry farmer who hardly find time to record or go through the books, he must employ someone to do this task for him/her because it helps the farmer keep the track

Anti-stress and its importance for fishes

Really, fishes (either fingerlings or juveniles) do pass through a lot of stress in the cause of cropping them, transporting and stocking them in the pond where they will grow to table size. The extent of the stress depends on the distance covered in transporting them, the time of the day they

Vaccination Program for Broiler Birds

Below is the vaccination program for Broiler birds meanwhile, you must be aware that certain emergency occurrences might require sudden treatment or vaccination of your flock therefore I will advice that you always carry an expert along. Daily/Weekly Broilers Vaccination 1-5days N.D.V Intra Ocular (i/o) Vaccine 1-7days Antibiotics and Multivitamins 11-13days Anti-Coccidial

Vaccination Program for Pullet/Layer Birds

Below is the vaccination program for Pullet/Layer birds meanwhile, you must be aware that certain emergency occurrences might require sudden treatment or vaccination of your flock therefore I will advice that you always carry an expert along. Daily/Weekly Pullet /Layer Vaccination 1-5days N.D.V Intra Ocular (i/o) Vaccine 1-7days Antibiotics and Multivitamins 11-13days

Vaccination Program for Cockerel Birds

Below is the vaccination program for cockerel birds meanwhile, you must be aware that certain emergency occurrences might require sudden treatment or vaccination of your flock therefore i will advice that you always carry an expert along. Daily/Weekly Cockerels Vaccination 1-5days N.D.V Intra Ocular (i/o) Vaccine 1-7days Antibiotics and Multivitamins 11-13days Anti-Coccidial

Poultry internal Diseases and Post Mortem Examination

As symptoms of disease are noticed on the external part of the birds, they could also be noticed in the internal organs. A serious poultry farmer can sometime take time off to examine a victim bird of a certain disease which seems strange or familiar. Symptoms of diseases like Chronic Respiratory, Wet

Pecking in Poultry and How to control it

Pecking among birds is a costly and vicious habit that poultry producers cannot afford to ignore. It may occur at any age among all breeds, strains and sexes of birds. Pecking usually occurs when the birds are stressed by a poor management practice. Once becoming stressed, one bird begins picking the feathers, comb,

Poultry External Parasites and Control Measures

Poultry parasites obtain their food from either the skin or feathers of living birds and they draw blood with the aid of the hook on the head. Various parasites like lice, mites and ticks are common in poultry. Lice: Parasites like lice are commonly found among birds of various types. The largest

How to identify and Treat Diseases on your fish Farm

It is possible for your fish not to have any disease. However, this is only possible if you take every precaution at preventing diseases which include adequate and proper feeding, good water maintenance and prevention of stressful conditions. All these are based on the assumption that your fishes either fingerlings or juveniles

Foot-and-Mouth disease in Cattle: Causes and Symptoms

Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) is a severe, highly contagious viral disease of cattle and swine. It also affects sheep, goats, deer, and other cloven-hooved ruminants. FMD is not recognised as a zoonotic disease. The disease spreads very quickly if not controlled and because of this is a reportable disease. Causes: The disease is

Piglets Management

The first few hours of the life of a piglet are very important. What you do to the piglet in those hours will determine it’s survival. – provide a warm housing for piglets (obviously namuimona imbaula pa conner) – Keep the creep box clean and provide heating. Temperatures of about 20 degrees


The following diseases are prevalent during the rainy season: Infectious Bursal Disease (Gumboro): A viral infection that mostly affects immature birds aged between three and 18 weeks targeting the bursal component of the immune system resulting in immuno-suppression and susceptibility to secondary infections. Chickens may exhibit severe prostration, inc-ordination, watery diarrhoea, soiled

The possible market outlet for Table Fishes

Fishes can be sold to the middle women and men that will re-sell; it can also be sold to restaurants and pepper soup joints. Arrangements can be made with big eateries where continental dishes are served. Importation is also a possibility depending on the capacity of your fish farm. In a nutshell,


  The purpose is to protect the birds from dogs, cats, snakes, rats and other pests and thieves and to keep out mice, rats and birds from eating valuable poultry feed and transmitting disease. Basic requirements for the building are: • it is rain proof • it protects poultry from direct sunlight

11 Merits of Snail Farming Business

One of the personal Entrepreneur characteristic (PEC) that makes a big difference between a successful entrepreneur and an unsuccessful one is opportunity seeking. That is, seeking, recognizing and acting on new business opportunities. This is the use of contacts or networking to obtain useful information’s. It is in view of the above

Snail as a Super Food – 6 Reasons why you must eat snails

Below are some of the reasons why snail meat is considered a super food and why it is advisable that you should eat snails for your health. Protein: snails do provide a low calorie source of protein (unless you drench them like butter). Protein is essential for building and repairing muscle and

Things to know about Snails

Snail farming in most countries for example in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative, cost effective, easy to run business practices that requires very little capital to run compared to other forms of agricultural practices like poultry farming and the likes. Snail farming in Nigeria is one of the most neglected

Advantages of Snail Farming

Snail shells serves as calcium used for animal feeds Snail farming require little land or area Snail feeds are cheap and readily available Snail farming in Nigeria for instance is not capital intensive Snail farming is very easy to run Snail doesn’t require too much attention like other agricultural practices, making it

Facts about Snails and Snail Farming

Snails produce a thick slime which protect and give them the ability to crawl on sharp objects like the edge of a razor and not get hurt. Snails are hermaphrodites that is to say that they posses both male and female reproductive system. Garden snails have up to 14,175 teeth and they

Benefits of Snail Farming

Below are the some of the benefits of snail farming business in Nigeria and all over the world: It is very easy to run It is a highly lucrative business It is environmental friendly Snails are highly productive Low in fat and cholesterol Highly medicinal and used for health’s related products Snail

Introduction to Fish Farming

Fish farming is known as pisciculture in the academic world. It is a form of aquaculture involving the farming of aquatic organisms like fish, crustaceans, mollusks and aquatic plants. Fish farming involves raising fish commercially in ponds, tanks or enclosures. There are hundreds of species of fish among which are: sea trout,

Ideas on Snail Sales and Marketing

If you are considering using marketing and sales as an excuse for not venturing into snail farming, I bet with this ideas you will definitely change your mind because now, Facebook and other social networks has made digital and e-market available to all who have products to sell. You can meet people

Ways to make more money as a Snail Farmer

Methods of Snail Processing and Packaging There is a lot of money in snail farming business, you can choose to sell packages snails both online and offline. You can as well decide to sell in offices, schools, Hotels, Supermarkets, Restaurants etc. with your Brand name and contact details. You can also decide

Snail Housing and Equipment’s

Sometimes, intending snail farmers complain that they cannot start their snail farm due to lack of space or financial issues but the truth is that you can make it even with lesser fund than you could imagine.                                               (Car used tyre for snail farming) Car tyres can be used for snail farming,

Feeding Snails locally and How to Formulate Snail feeds

Snails basically feed on fruits like paw-paw both the ripped and the unripe pawpaw. Paw-paw provides the snails with vitamins but it is advisable to remove the leftovers after the day because it attracts insects / predators. Watermelon is also part of the fruits given to snails both the red (inside) and

How to Raise Snails (Introduction to Snail Farming)

  (Achatina Achatina)                                       (Achatina Maginata)   Snail farming also known as “Heliculture” is the process of raising snails for subsistence or commercial purposes. Snails are Hermaphrodites meaning that a particular snail can act as a male as well as also act as a female. There are two main species of snail commonly

The Life-Span of Ruminant Animals

This implies how long ruminant animals can live before they die naturally. Well, being food animals, it is difficult to predict this because almost all of the time they are not allowed to reach its full age before they are being slaughtered. Therefore, knowing their life span may be difficult. However, I

Goats eating Nylon and What you should do

Of recent I got a question from a ruminant farmer that says “I discovered that my Goat ate a lot of nylon and is now very sick. What can I do? Well most of the time, animals that eat nylon usually die. The only option is surgery with which the nylon can

Reasons why “Super Gro” remains the Best among All

Super Gro is a product of NEOLIFE, a company that specializes in natural and nutritional health products for human and plants. Super Gro is a 100% organic liquid fertilizer, which is made from poultry droppings and sea bird guano. Being made from organic matter with absolutely no chemicals added to it, it

Best Route of Drug Administration for Ruminants

Ruminant farmers usually raise questions like where is one supposed to put their drugs, is it in their feeds or water? This is a very simple question for most ruminant farmers how are aware of the answer and at the same time a very difficult question for those that are not aware

Ways to Fatten Ruminant Animals Faster

Most times, Ruminant farmers ask questions like: is there any drug that one can give ruminant animals for them to develop faster? Hmm! Well the truth of the matter is that I will not like to recommend muscle building drugs for your animals because it also has a lot of side effects.

10 Benefits of Red Meat for Optimum Body Building

The entire gymnastic athlete knows the benefits of red meat for body building that good in developing muscle. Therefore, no wonder if they always consume more portions of non-fat red meat as the daily menu. Since the high protein content inside the food is needed. Furthermore, combine with the right portion of

Health Benefits Snail – Reasons why you must “Eat Snails”

Snail is a common name given to a member of the class of molluscs Gastropoda. In ancient times these snails are usually hunted by farmers because regarded as pests. But after learning that this animal has a wide range of benefits, where this animal contains a lot of protein and also contains essential

How to treat Ruminant Animal Diseases

The best way to go about handling those diseases that are treatable is to first of all be sure of the diseases itself by doing confirmatory diagnoses. After knowing the disease, adequate and appropriate drug should be applied. However, in disease diagnosis and treatment, assumption should not be made by the farmer

The Best Source of Water for your Ruminant Animals

Hmm, any source of water could be good for the ruminant animals provided that the water is not contaminated, that it is clean and also cool. The water should also not be treated with any form of chemical as this do have negative effects on the performance of the animals. For this

How often your ruminant animals should be served water

In fact, I will strongly recommend that they should have access to water more than they have access to food. Water is very essential and the ruminant animals should not be denied it. Most nomadic Fulani has a particular time when they normally lead their animals towards a water source. This should