Basic Advantages of Snail Farming

Basic Advantages of Snail Farming

When trying to invest intoSnail Farming as a business, some people easily get discouraged maybe becauseof the fact that they don’t see the need to actually go into it as a businesswithout knowing that snail farming is actually a very lucrative business.

Today, we are going to bediscussing about those basic advantages of snail farming as related toenvironment, inputs and the meat consumption values below:

  1. Environment

Snails areenvironment-friendly, because, unlike poultry or pigs, neither the snail norits droppings smell offensively. Snails can also be reared in the backyard.

  • Inputs

Capital, technical, labor andfinancial inputs in simple snail farming are relatively low compared to thosein other types of livestock farming (poultry, pigs, goats, sheep, cattle).

  • Snail meat

Snail meat is a good source ofprotein. It is rich in iron and calcium, but low in fat and cholesterolcompared to other protein sources like poultry and pigs.

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